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2019: Are You Prepared to Enter?

Many people are fond of waiting for a New Year to make resolutions- plans and promises to themselves; you know that New Year, New me promise right, We’ve all done it.

Let me tell you a secret, there’s no such thing. It’s only the clock moving from 11:59 PM to 12:00 AM and we both know you’re only procrastinating and will probably end up not expanding that business idea, saving money, changing that job that makes you unhappy, making that investment, taking that course that will make your CV more desirable, etc.

You’ve been thinking about a degree/course that can advance your career or you just have that great idea you know will change the market but don’t know what your first step should be or have any steps at all?

Here’s what you can do in 5 easy steps:

Experience may be the best teacher but evaluating your experience is an even better teacher. Review your career and where you are currently in your life. Is this where you want or expected to be? Are you satisfied, or do you need a change?

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses:
What do you need to brush up on? What needs extra work? What are your strengths? This will help you not to waste your time on things you are already good at or areas you’re not really interested in pursuing.

Write it down:
Write down your ambition, either personal or professional. We have ambitions of where we see ourselves. We have daydreams, but that’s all it is – dreams until you write it down. Writing it down makes it a goal and more realistic and therefore more likely to be achieved.

Find out what can help you achieve this goal, what you need to take you in the right direction, and what your questions are: What course do I need to take? How can I save better? How can I help my business grow? What’s the first step to start a business? Whichever question answers your goal or ambition is the step in the right direction.

Finally, Sign up with Prime KBS Institute:
We offer a Prime knowledge-based solutions workshop series for business owners and Professionals, training in areas of immense importance such as Corporate Governance, Personal Financial Planning, Business Financial Planning, Basic Accounting Principles, etc.

Through our Action-Learning approach, we help professionals and entrepreneurs gain access to global universities for Short-Term Executive Education.

There are only 3 months left in 2018, why not start making those plans now. Carpe Diem! Yes, SEIZE THE MOMENT, so you can achieve or at least put your resolutions into motion by the new year. Prime KBS institute helps you learn, reflect, and act!

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