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How to find a career you enjoy

The career research group 80,000 hours reviewed 60+ jobs to find what makes for a dream job
Here are the 6 factors they found

1) Work you’re good at
How do you find out what you’re good at? Ask yourself:
What parts of your job come easy?
What do people approach you for help with?
When were you most productive in your career?
What type of business problems do you solve best?

2) Work that helps others
What problems do you care about solving?
You don’t need to be a hero. Focus on your interests.
If you like baking, solve people’s hunger with loaves of bread.
If you like entertaining, solve people’s boredom with comedy.

3) Fair pay
Before applying for a job:
Know your worth and have a walk-away number. To find the fair pay range for any job :
Review job listings that publish salary
Talk to industry-specific recruiters
Talk to your peers
These steps will prevent you from being underpaid.

4) Engaging work
To be engaged at work-do more of what you like and less of what you don’t like. List out: What you like best about your work

5) Supportive colleagues
The influence your manager has on your happiness cannot be understated.

6) Work that fits your personal life
Define your non-negotiables and request them as part of the job offer.
This could be a 4-day work week, time off for the school runs, hybrid working, etc.
Define what your perfect workday looks like and be relentless in your pursuit of getting it.
And that’s it. Wishing you the best of luck!