3 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Team Members

Make any job great with a few small changes.

Theories on motivation have long predicted that a baseline satisfaction score could be decreased or increased by peripheral factors. In other words, a job may be “an 8,” but if the boss brings muffins every morning, the gig is really “a 10.”

Managers are often exposed to a wide range of concerns from their employees, and as the new boss, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Thankfully, simple and affordable strategies are available to every manager to increase job satisfaction.

1 Communicate openly and often

Communicate openly and often.

The number one problem people have with their bosses? A lack of communication.

Engage in meaningful conversations with your team members through weekly one-on-ones. Give them timely feedback and provide any support they might need.

That said, avoid excessive or inappropriate communication such as adding them on social media or sending unsolicited emails at night and on the weekends.

2 Prioritize employee well-being.

Get the basics right – employees report that air quality, natural light, and comfortable

temperatures matter more to them than perks like gym memberships or access to tech-based health tools.

Bring healthy and delicious snacks to work for your team, or advocate for your company to provide these in the kitchenette for free. Encourage your star performers to nap on the job, and empower people to sign off at a reasonable hour.

3 Get “autonomy” right.

A majority of knowledge workers indicated in a recent survey that flexibility is more important to them than salary or other benefits. Even so, complete autonomy or an attitude of “Do what you want” can leave people confused.

Work to find the right balance for your team. The goal is to make each person feel trusted, responsible, and accountable for their work, but also provide them with support when they need it.

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