Aim of the Approach

Our primary aim is to contribute to creating organizational excellence for businesses in Lagos and Nigeria. This begins with a well thought-out business strategy focusing on Personal Financial Planning, Business Financial Planning, knowledge Management, Information Security Management, Corporate Governance and Emerging leadership Pension Funding & Valuation. Many organizations in Lagos and Nigeria do this but fail to cascade the overall strategy down into their business units and departments, where individuals in working teams create added value. Constructing the bridge between the mission and strategy, on the one hand , and the hearts, minds and behaviour of the individuals on the other is the responsibility of chief executives and professional resource advisers.

One of the themes of our Action-Learning programs is to facilitate this cascade down the hierarchy of the organisation so the strategic plans of the organisation influence managerial behaviour at all levels in the function and lead to measurable performance improvement. Each executive on our programmes will be required to define their organization’s strategy and annual operating plans. They will then be helped to deliver changes in the way their organizations handle each area of Business Financial Planning, Knowledge Management, Information Security Management, Corporate Governance , Pension Funding & Valuation and at the same time, improve its financial performance. This is a difficult process, which takes considerable skill and tenacity. The Action- Learning approach to our areas of building competence scope is designed to help this process to successful conclusion and while action is being taken to solve problems. Participants will be taught how to improve their individual performance in both technical and managerial sense.

At Prime KBS Institute, our Monthly Prime Knowledge Based Solutions Workshop Series, our Prime Knowledge Based Bespoke Program and access to Short-Term Executive Education Program spans the following Business sectors in Lagos and Nigeria; Infrastructure, Finance, Oil and Gas, Aviation and Government parastatals. Every programme is customised to the requirements of the client organization.