Benefits Derived from Action Learning

Our programmes benefits top executives for the following reasons;

  • It is a simple but powerful approach that supports transformational change.
  • It offers the enablement for insightful and inspiring leadership.
  • Develops Individual Competencies and problem solving approaches of participants through Knowledge Management, Information Security Management, Corporate Governance and Pension Funding and Valuations.
  • Develops participants’ confidence in the their leadership capability and executive competence and promotes a seamless succession plan within the organization.
  • Enable participants to develop and establish approaches to handling the establishment of Knowledge Management, Information Security Management processes in their organizations.
  • Develop competence among participants in problem-solving approaches to decision-making processes.
  • Enhance participants’ capacity to reflect on and learn from their individual and collective experiences how to improve Corporate Governance in their organization.
  • Develop in participants an awareness of how their implicit assumptions, beliefs, attitudes, preferences, influence their thinking, decisions and actions.
  • Increase competence in preparing and presenting recommendations concerning urgent organizational issues to the board.
  • Create a ‘mind-set’ in all participants that encourage them to ‘continously improve’ the strategic, technical and managerial performance of their organization. We encourage participants to recognise that there are three aspects to improved business performance; constant reinvention, better value creation and greater operational effectiveness and efficiency.