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Do’s and Don’ts for Saturday’s Election

The 2023 general elections are scheduled to commence with the Presidential and National Assembly polls on February 25 just three days away.

Here are some general do’s and don’ts for elections:

Voters are to ensure that they know their polling units, visit to confirm the location of your polling unit and check the Register of Voters that will be released by the commission to confirm that their name is on the Register, as INEC stated that no voter would be allowed to cast their vote in any polling unit other than the one where they are registered or assigned.

Prohibition of telephones and other electronic devices.
According to INEC, voters may come to the polling unit with telephones and other electronic devices. However, phones are not allowed in the voting cubicles, nor can they be used for taking pictures of other voters while voting.

Voters are also disallowed from making any mark on the ballot paper for any form of identification. According to INEC, if any voter does so, such ballot papers will be rejected.
While we might not fully trust the process, trying to mark your ballot so you can recognize it causes more harm than good.

Good luck and be safe out there.

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