Emerging/Innovative Leadership

Leadership in the private and public sectors is in a state of crisis throughout the world. Leaders fail to live up to their own promises and are unable to create effective and compelling strategies to move their organizations forward to increasing success or to bring them out of problems. They must inspire management at all levels to follow strategies and ensure successful implementation. There is an underlying lack of understanding of what leadership actually is, the skills that leaders should possess and the actions they should take.

What are the components of leadership? How do you develop capabilities in each area of leadership? What are the expectations of leadership?

 At the Institute, we take the view that leadership can be effectively learnt within an organizational context, in which complex, challenges are created that force the leaders out of their comfort zones into new environments where they can learn from mistakes and successes, and where their existing behaviour and prejudices and values are challenged.

The institute has Emerging/ Innovative Leadership programmes, a Knowledge Based Solution in Nigeria and the UK, these are delivered using the Action-Learning approach. The aim of these programmes is  to  cultivate a new generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs achieving breakthroughs in improving both organisational and individual performance  and prepared for change in a competitive environment . These results are achieved through project-driven Action- Learning technique in human development, in which the workplace is the laboratory of learning.