How To Assess For Ineffective Leadership

Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence…Sheryl Sandbag COO of Facebook

How do you know if your leaders are effective? Here are 5 common symptoms to quickly assess for ineffective leaders:

1️⃣ Issues and grievances from their team consistently get escalated above or around the leader.

2️⃣ Their team is chronically risk-averse and delivers mediocre results.

3️⃣ Members of their team are stagnant in their career development.

4️⃣ The team deteriorates into confusion or conflict when the leader is absent.

5️⃣ Compared to the rest of your organization their team has higher absences or turnover rates.

The success of your organization hinges on the performance of the people, particularly the managers and leaders.

If any of the above symptoms ring true, your leaders might be in need of some extra support.
Investing in your leadership development can pay off in spades.

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