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How to Overcome Self Doubts

Knowing yourself is the first step to controlling your environment, your mind, your potential, and bringing order to this chaotic world that we live in.

The pattern that we human beings usually follow is concise, decisive, and in most cases, straight to the point. Usually, this can come easily to those who have made a conscious effort to never see themselves as anything less than perfect. But even with all the success, there is no way one can become fully perfect. We are imperfect in nature. That’s what makes us unique, being able to balance out our weaknesses and strengths to understand the paradigm of this world: WHAT IS OUR LIFE’S PURPOSE?

In our weaknesses, we naturally become doubtful of ourselves, not living our expected hope and dreams because we are too afraid of what or how the next person will view us now that we have been exposed to a flaw. Self-doubt is a very human response to all the challenges life throws your way. Even still, it doesn’t have to stop you from overcoming obstacles and reaching your goals. Here are a few suggestions to help you start the journey from self-doubt to self-love

Know that you are not alone

First, acknowledge that everyone has doubts. It’s toxic to believe that you’re the only one suffering from a lack of confidence. You’ll sabotage your journey before it even begins.

Stop worrying about what others think.

When you spend all your time and energy trying to manage other peoples’ perceptions of you, you’ll get stuck in an inadequacy loop. There will always be someone who appears to be doing better, getting further, or having more. Do not benchmark yourself against others’ accomplishments and possessions

Set immediate goals.

In addition to adopting ambitious, long-term goals, remember to establish attainable, short-term ones. It’s easy to let doubt creep in when your big goals aren’t immediately realized. By achieving smaller goals along the way, you can constantly bask in frequent wins.

Don’t hinge personal identity to instant success.

Most people develop an idealistic image of themselves. When they fail to live up to that image at any point, doubt sinks in. Despite your best efforts and intentions, mistakes happen, and it doesn’t make sense to dwell on them. Instead, learn from each blunder and actively develop better habits.

Source: Firas Kittaneh, 12 Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt and Build a Profitable Business, The Entrepreneur

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