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How to pitch flex work to your boss

Over the past year and a half, many of us have had to make the switch to remote work.

For a lot of people, this change of scenery has been a good thing. You might find that while working remotely you are more productive, and have an easier time balancing the needs of both your work and personal life.

As restrictions are eased across the country, many people are being asked to come back to the office – a request that may no longer work for everyone.

If this sounds like you, let’s discuss pitching flex work to your boss.

When you first approach your boss about switching to flex work, be sure to adequately plan for the discussion by having some justifications for going flex in mind.

Create a list of all the different ways flex work will benefit you, your team, and your boss.
Maybe switching to flex work will help you to better balance your work and personal life.

A more balanced life will lead to less stress and more productivity. This will in turn help your team’s overall output, which therefore will help your boss to meet their deadlines.

Flex Work may also lead to you having more available time and it can also help to prevent burnout.

Another great idea is to compile a list of examples of the ways in which you have successfully managed your workload (or even taken on more work) since being forced to work remotely.

Overall, it’s important to be able to prove that your flex work can be beneficial for not only you but your co-workers and management as well.

You should also have a plan prepared for what your workday will typically look like once you switch to flex.

You should make it clear to your boss how you intend to structure your day. Have an agenda prepared so that your boss has a good understanding of what your working hours will be.

Maybe this means that your typical working hours will be 9 am-4 pm, and then again when the kids are in bed from 8-10 pm. Whatever schedule is going to work best for you is what you should present to your boss when pitching flex work. This way, your boss genuinely knows what to expect.

Lastly, it’s important to have a communication plan between you and your boss prepared upfront when asking to make the switch.

If you tell your boss you will check in with them daily, and also have a weekly one-on-one, they might be more inclined to agree to your flex work.

Your manager will want to know that they can still be up to date with your work even though you’re not in the office together.

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