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Jude was in a very good mood today; his 40th birthday. From the moment he got out of bed, he could tell that it was going to be a good day all the way, especially at work. He wasn’t going to let any single thing get to him, not even the most annoying Mr. Sola, the General Manager, Sales. Jude’s worst days at his workplace were when he had to deliver a task for Mr. Sola. Jude Odia-Phillips is the senior manager, brand communications at a reputable Food and Beverage company. Rising from entry level to his current position, He had done so well for himself and his family enjoyed the good life always. Presently they were on summer holidays in the UK and he will be joining them soon once Sola approves his leave today.

He jumped into his car and his driver Lasisi started the trip to the office. His phone rang and Jude had a frown briefly on his face when he saw it was Mr. Sola calling. He shook his head in a bid to wipe the frown and picked the phone. “Good morning Mr. Sola”. “And what is so good about this morning Jude”, Mr. Sola responded. “I need you at my office right away!” Jude looked at his watch. It was just 6.30 am. Does this man live in the office? Jude smiled and responded, “Sir, I am on my way to the office.” There was a grumble from the other side of the phone. Jude removed the phone from his ears and shook his head. He put the phone back, just in time to hear Sola dishing out instructions on a task. “Look Jude, I need the radio jingle for the noodles product ready today. Remember, our selling point is that not only is it easy to cook but our strands are fine and slim after preparation. Make it happen.” Jude nodded his head in affirmation as Sola ended the call. He quickly called the copywriter. The phone rang but she did not pick. Not bothering, Jude waited till he reached the office. Once he arrived, he proceeded to the office canteen to get his morning meal before heading up to the 5th floor. As he walked in, he saw a long queue and right in front of the queue was Sarah, the copywriter. At least, he was sure he did not have to join the queue. “Sarah, include my order in yours.” Sarah nodded. “rice or spaghetti sir?” Jude replied, “spaghetti please and speaking of spaghetti, you need to send in the radio script once we get upstairs. Remember the selling point is the strands are fine and slim after preparation.” Sarah smiled. “Sure sir, that’s why you love your spaghetti.” Jude nodded but wasn’t paying attention to her anymore as he was distracted by another phone call from his wife.

Two hours later; now settled in the office, Sarah walked into Jude’s office to show him the script. He was having his meal when she walked in and quickly went through the script, confirming that the selling points were indicated. He approved and Sarah immediately left for the studio to get the jingle recorded while Jude set out for a meeting with the creative agency handling their advertising briefs. Getting to the agency, Jude walked into the biggest surprise ever. They had organized a surprise get-together for him with a huge cake. He was overwhelmed with joy. At the same moment, he got a mail on his phone from Sarah. She had sent the jingle to him to listen and approve. Confident that Sarah has always delivered, he forwarded it to Sola without listening.  2 minutes later Sola called him. The outburst that followed was enough to demoralize anyone but all Jude could hear clearly was, “…you can never do anything right Jude. What I asked for was a jingle for the noodles product. Why am I hearing Spaghetti on this? Are they the same to you?” Jude couldn’t believe his ears. Clearly, he had messed up on this one. He couldn’t help but blame himself because he definitely knew the misinformation happened at the canteen when he asked Sarah to get him Spaghetti.  “Oh gosh, my leave!”, he exclaimed knowing that it will be almost impossible to get it approved by Sola with this error.

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