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Nigeria’s Fuel Scarcity: Planning Ahead to Manage the Situation

As Nigeria’s fuel scarcity becomes an on-again, off-again problem, there are several things you can do to help manage the situation:

Plan your trips:

It is important to plan your trips ahead of time to ensure that you are using your fuel efficiently. Consider carpooling or using public transportation if possible. Avoid unnecessary trips and consolidate errands to make the most of each trip.

Conserve fuel:

You can conserve fuel by reducing your speed, accelerating gently, and avoiding sudden braking. Keeping your tires properly inflated can also help to improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Use alternative modes of transportation:

Consider using alternative modes of transportation, such as walking or biking, for short trips. This can help to reduce your dependence on fuel and save money.

Stock up on supplies:

When you can, stock up on not just fuel but other household essentials, it is important to have essential supplies on hand, such as food, water, and medication. Make sure you have enough supplies to last for several days or even weeks should the fuel situation worsen.

Stay informed:

Stay up to date on the latest news and information about the fuel scarcity. This can help you to “Plan Ahead” and make informed decisions about your transportation and other needs.

Our planning and change management workshops are designed to prepare, support and help you adapt to volatile changes no matter the circumstance, giving you the ability to create and manage timelines, and milestones, as well as strategies for overcoming potential obstacles.

Enabling you to be able to set realistic goals, identify the most important objectives, develop strategies, and allocate resources to make sure you are able to consistently achieve your desired outcomes in both the short term and long term.

With so much change going on in Nigeria right now and not always for the better, political changes, social changes, currency changes, fuel scarcity, etc. The need to be resilient and effectively manage our daily lives to produce our intended results amidst all the chaos is of the utmost importance.

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