Prime Knowledge Based Bespoke Programs

Our customized Training Needs Analysis programs for businesses in Lagos and Nigeria are off-site or on-site programs, depending on the clients requirements. These programs fall under the following;

  • Board Enhancement program for the Board of Directors
    These are One-day corporate governance programs that provide practical steps that directors and executives of businesses in Lagos and Nigeria can take to make their corporate performance most effective through collaborative leadership.
  • Personal Financial Planning.
    These are recommended Two-day workshops designed to help participants improve their general financial literacy and achieve their life goals through the use of financial knowledge and strategies. Workshop contents are customised into Workshop A and Workshop B. While Workshop A is customised for the benefit of: New Entrants to Middle-Management, this workshop runs from 9am-3pm. Workshop B is customised for the benefit of Middle-Management to staff approaching retirement, this runs from 9am-4pm.

Other Prime Knowledge Based Bespoke Solution Programs include but are not limited to:

  • Business Financial Management
  • Basic Accounting Principles
  • Knowledge Management,
  • Information Security Management and Best practices
  • Enterprise Risk Management.