Recognizing Strategic Inflection Points

Sometimes there’s an order of magnitude change in a company’s environment that dramatically alters its prospects and mandates radical revision of its strategic course. When a company reaches a strategic inflection point, management has some tough decisions to make about the company’s course. Often, it is a question of what to do to sustain company success, not just how to avoid possible disaster. Responding to the wind of change in timely fashion reduces a company’s chances of becoming trapped in a stagnant or declining business or letting new growth potentials slip away because of inaction.

The institute’s faculty conducts Recognizing Strategic Inflection Points Programmes , a Knowledge Based Solution in Nigeria and the UK. The aim of this programme is to enhance the problem solving approach of directors, in other words, the ability of directors to monitor the company’s External Environment and Internal capabilities closely enough to know what and when to institute strategy changes. This is known as “RECOGNIZING STRATEGIC INFLECTION POINTS”