The Components of Action-Learning

Our Action- Learning Approach to Knowledge Based Solutions are designed around solving problems being experienced in client’s organization by developing creative, flexible and successful strategies. Participants will learn how to understand situations through insights on enquiry and emphasis on critical reflection which will form the basis for actions taken. These insights from enquiry do not build our knowledge, but rather helps to re-organize our knowledge and see it anew.
In other words, problems are tackled through a 4 step process;

  1. First asking questions in the groups of about 6, to clarify the exact nature of the problem,
  2. Critical reflection by the individuals helps identify possible solutions to complex problems,
  3. These solutions form the basis for action taken to improve performance
  4. There is no meaningful or practical learning until action is taken and reflected on.

The major value creation is linked to understanding the problem and finding solutions, that is, the right action to take and learning from this experience, which is, going from a present state to a more desired state. This is the outcome of a problem-solving cycle. The result of this approach is enhanced Individual Competencies to solve complex problems and generate expansion in corporate capabilities.