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The Power of Reading

If you were to name one trait that truly sets successful people apart, what would be the first thing to pop into your mind?
Connections? Easy access to resources? Talent?

All the above are essential assets that can help ease anyone into a successful path. But if you take a closer look, you will notice one thing high achievers do that bring them to the front of the marathon. They read. A lot.

A research carried out by Habit and Wealth Creation expert; Tom Corley shows that, while less successful people read mostly for entertainment, those at the top are avid readers of self-improvement books. 85% of successful people read two or more self-improvement or educational books per month. Reading has a powerful effect on our capacity to learn, develop, and grow.

Like exercising and meditation, many of us are aware of the positive results that come with a good reading habit. The question then is: Why aren’t more people – particularly young students and professionals – reading more books?

According to Mrs. Ibitola Adebayo, an award-winning author in her article in the Vanguard newspapers: “the inability of parents and guardians to buy books for their younger ones and encourage the reading culture, have been identified as part of the reasons that more than 30 million Nigerian school leavers have a poor reading culture.”

At a young age, a child’s mind is still developing, giving them the ability to grasp things at a faster rate through learning and understanding. interest is the perfect time to promote a child’s reading culture rather than ignore it. As the child grows from an adolescent to a full-fledged adult, they would have read a multitude of books. Promoting a reading culture is one that must be taught into our society with the utmost urgency.

However, we recognize that with any new change of habit or lifestyle comes a little difficulty in adjusting. Hence, the tendency to make excuses or procrastinate. Given this, here are a few tips to get you started on your reading journey.

Build your curiosity.
If you are curious, you don’t need to push yourself to read. Instead, you will want to read because it will satisfy your curiosity. To build your curiosity, be aware that there are many interesting things in this world that you don’t know. Your life will be much more exciting if you find them. Even seemingly dull things have interesting sides if you dig deep enough.

There is no perfect time to read; Use every given opportunity.
Whenever you have idle time, whether long or short, fill it with reading. If you are in traffic, ditch those earphones and bring out a book, you are waiting on a meal order, fill the time to catch up on that page you forgot to read. The ideas are to ALWAYS have a book with you. Fortunately, that’s easy to do these days: simply put e-books into your tablet or smartphone, and you are set.

Read diversely.
Reading diversely prevents you from getting bored because you regularly enter new worlds. The sense of wonder will motivate you to read more. Choose a pattern to make things easier, e.g., you would read drama-genre books for one week, then change to another genre the next week.

Immerse yourself in your reading.
When you are reading, visualize what you read. Imagine being in the book’s world, portraying one of the characters. Immersing yourself will help increase your desire to read more, to know more. It will become a “pure imaginative therapy.”

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