Why Action-Learning?

This unique approach to learning has been adopted by Prime KBS Institute because, we firmly believe that the only learning which significantly influences behaviour is Self- Discovered, and Self- Appropriated Learning. This means LEARNING BY DOING in the workplace where the individual’s job becomes the ‘laboratory of learning ’. The ability to reflect on experiences, on actions taken on the job and compare this behaviour to “best practice” and from this process learn how to do something better next time. This portends taking action to resolve advanced and complex problems, charting a new course of business when the need arises, modifying behaviour and process improvement. This approach is usually compared to the approach to management development, which lays emphasis on expert provided knowledge, usually in a classroom situation, which then assumes, that this knowledge is fully understood, transferred to the workplace and leads to appropriate action being taken.

Our Action-Learning approach to Knowledge Based Solutions involves working on real time problems, on defining and implementing solutions that can lead to measurable improvements and solving complex problems and dilemmas of all sizes simultaneously. It elevates the norms, the collaboration, the creativity and courage to solve problems of great urgency to organizations while developing leaders, building teams and generating expansion in corporate capabilities. This we believe is needed in our businesses both in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.